Fundraising is our main source of income for the Weddington Middle School PTSO.  We promote this through our largest fundraising activities; our annual Wildcat Den capital campaign in the Fall, our Baskets, Food and Fun (BFF) carnival in the Spring and school uniforms sold at various times throughout the school year.


Funds collected from our three main sources not only enable us to support the general PTSO annual operating expenses, but also several other areas of improvement for our school.  This includes supporting special programs like enrichment activities and character education, arts programs, and specialized opportunities as recommended by the teaching staff and WMS administration.   Capital improvements, technology improvements/purchases and other aesthetic improvements, above and beyond the annual school budget, are also supported by our fundraising efforts.


Let’s not forget our teacher and staff appreciation efforts, as happy teachers foster collaborative environments in which our children can best learn!  We are able to provide monthly Staff Appreciation luncheons, giveaways, gift cards and baskets throughout the school year.  And each teacher that becomes a member of the Wildcat Den is also eligible for reimbursement of out of pocket classroom enhancing purchases.


Although Wildcat Den, BFF and Uniform sales make up our largest source of income, we still have other ways that you can help us raise money, and it doesn’t involve a lot of your time or effort.

Here are just a few of the other ways you can raise money for our school:

  • Free Money – please visit this page showing various companies that donate back to their local schools

  • Yard Sale – our annual back to school event raises funds by selling our school uniform items at a significant discount

  • Family Sponsorships – many of our family members are small business owners that promote their company by sponsoring through the Wildcat Den and providing items for BFF baskets or auction

  • Corporate Sponsorships – many companies provide Corporate Matching of funds that are donated by our individual families

Weddington Middle School PTSO